Return Policy

Wallplate Wares

Return Policy

Simple way to do a return! No questions asked!  

60 days - No questions asked- 100% Refund guarantee. Wall-plates Wares will do a full refund of your order once we receive the items or a tracking number confirmation email.

Purchase after 60 days cannot be returned or exchanged.

Exchange Policy

We will exchange products!

Please send us an email requesting an exchange. We will approve exchange requests if the new item has the same price as the previous order. Customers must send the item following our return instructions and once we receive an email confirmation with the tracking number, we will ship the replacement item. To save time and avoid delays, we recommend our customer to request a refund and place a new order.

Return and Exchange Instructions: If for any reason you want to return or exchange your order please follow the instructions below.

  • Return the item in its original condition and packaging.
  • You can use any carrier or shipping method you prefer. We do not provide return labels.
  • Please confirm that the product is well packaged. For some items you may use bubble wrap or packing paper on all sides. To avoid wall-plates damage please make sure that screws are placed in a bag or wrap them with paper. To avoid scratches, please make sure that screws do not touch the wall-plate.
  • Send your return order to our return address, and send us an email with the tracking number information to get your money back. If we do not receive the email with the tracking number, your refund will be applied once we receive the parcel.

Return Address


Wallplate Wares / Atron Electro Ind.
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Wallplate Wares / Atron Electro Ind.
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