3 Reasons for Hanging Pendant lights in 2021

A hipster chic trend made relevant again. Here are 3 reasons why hanging pendant lights are a tasteful choice for home décor in 2021

Edison bulbs, repurposed wood furniture and chalkboard walls once ruled the world of local indie restaurants and Pinterest pages with the hipster décor wave of the 2010’s, but are retro hanging pendant lights still a tasteful option for home décor in 2021?
We don’t think retro pendant lights are going anywhere anytime soon, and here three reasons why.

  • Versatility in your home office

With more people than ever working from home, many of us are faced with the novel challenge of creating our own home office. Now unless you have your own study already you’re probably squishing this new home office into any spare space in your home. You might not have the floor space for a standing lamp, you probably don’t have the space for a desk lamp (even if you’re lucky enough to have a desk), but fear not busy home bodies for the classic pendant light hangs anywhere and can be mounted to a floor lamp or stand if you want.


  • Texture in a virtual world

There is a reason rustic décor made a come-back in the first place, in an on-line world increasingly ruled by tech, many of us long for tactile experiences and physical interactions. We all feel this one in 2020, as an age of Zoom meetings and social distancing have thrust us into a workplace of the future. But sometimes it is nice to bring things back down to earth with a little bit of cozy vintage home sense.


  • Customize! You do you

Even if you never cared for the indie look pendant lights are still for you, because pendant lights are customizable. You’re an original, so why decorate with a prepackaged style? Want a funky coffee filter lampshade, go ahead, a rice paper lantern, superb. The sky is the limit with the simple versatile design of hanging pendant lights. No need to spend hours looking for a lamp that matches your carpet, make it match instead.
Pendant lights. They are versatile, tactile and any style you want! We think the hanging pendant light is an excellent choice for your home décor, a wise addition to your new home office, and we expect it to hold its place as an example of tasteful home furnishings in 2021 and for decades to come.

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